Carl Bernstein: ‘We’re in the Midst of a Presidential Crisis’

Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” veteran journalist and political analyst for the network Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump’s response to the events over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA meant we were “in the midst of a presidential crisis.”

Bernstein said, “Obviously it shouldn’t take a whole weekend to condemn Nazism, The idea that a president of the United States needs 48 hours to condemn Nazism is unheard of.”

He continued, “But there’s a much deeper story here, and that is we’re in the midst of a presidential crisis, leadership crisis, such as this country has never experienced. The way you see it is by talking to Republicans, and people high up in the intelligence community and in the military who tell you, very frankly, that they doubt the fitness of Donald Trump to be the president the United States. This episode has underscored it. How do you deal with a president that’s morally, ethically, has no regard for the law in their view and therefore unfit to be president in a way that none of his predecessors were? That is the kind of conversation that sub rosa is taking place in Washington today among movement conservatives, Republicans on the Hill. It’s not going to stop.”

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