Breitbart News Daily Audience Unleashes Questions for Fox Business GOP Debate

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Breitbart News Daily radio show, hosted by executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon, took a number of calls from what the GOP Smart Set calls “low-information voters” about which questions they would like moderators of Tuesday’s Fox Business debate to ask the GOP candidates.

“I just want to know how they would end our policy of easing money without collapsing the economy, if that’s possible,” said Penny in Mississippi. “And would they be willing to audit the incestuous relationship between the Fed and Wall Street?”

Phil in Delaware wanted to know: “What would be their healthcare plan to reduce costs in healthcare? … What are we going to do to improve healthcare and reduce the costs? Why isn’t anyone addressing the outrageous costs in duplications in healthcare?”

Tom in Virginia asked: “If we’ve got a situation where the Fed has flooded with money, with QE1. QE2, QE3, QE-infinity, how in heaven’s name are we going to avoid an economic collapse, an economic holocaust, when our dollar just devalues to the point of literal worthlessness? This is all a house of cards. It’s going to come down. How are we going to pull that back? How are we going to change that?”

“I would like for them to answer if they would be willing to use the keen minds that are sitting in some of our retirement communities to help bring back the United States that they remember,” said Melody in Tennessee. “I have been friends with old people my entire life, and I’m watching us tuck these people away in homes.” She and Bannon discussed how Americans over 50 have a great deal of wisdom that could be shared and could help pull the country back from the brink. “Use the people who are willing to work and pull this country back together. You’ll never beat the people who want the handout, because there’s so many of them.”

“With all the wasteful spending in D.C. and redundancy in programs, what part of government would the candidates be willing to cut to put the power back to the states and the people of this country?” Terry in Ohio asked. When Bannon asked him which answers would sound credible to him versus others that were only “happy talk,” Terry replied that for example, that education should be left to the states. “We need to get back to teaching our children the history of the United States.”

Jim in Georgia said, “I’d like to bring up the Social Security in this vein: Given that the dollar — that every dollar we’ve created has interest attached to it that compounds into eternity, we’ll never be able to stop raising the debt ceiling until we change the monetary system. But in terms of Social Security, that was created so that we would have a vehicle to buy our own bonds. And what people don’t get is — and I have my own business — is that after they take the 13-plus percent from me, in order for me to actually get that money back, I have to go into my other pocket and pay the principle in interest on that debt through taxation. So I never, ever get that money back. Ever. It’s a vehicle to constantly buy the bonds.”

Regular caller Ward in Alabama wanted candidates to: “Define liberty and sovereignty and how you’re going to return it to us. And that includes businesses, not just the individual.”

Nicole in Virginia phoned in with a two-fold question: “I want to know what their plan is to make sure they keep their promise that all of our veterans, who have worked 20-plus years in the military, how are they going to make sure our guys and gals are paid and rightfully so, as that’s part of the deal when you sign up. And the second part is, I would really like to know what their plans for the [Veterans Affairs] VA is going to be. I haven’t heard anyone say anything about how they’re going to fix the mess that it’s really become.” She said GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan is “makes sense,” but that she “wants to hear what everyone else has to say.”

Chris in New York wanted to direct a specific question at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. “Recent comments by Chuck Schumer indicate that Gang of Eight is your baby. Your fingerprints are all over it. Is he right, or is he wrong?” he asked, also criticizing Rubio for speaking Spanish on the campaign trial. “He says one thing in English and another thing in Spanish to Univision. He’s a phony on it. He’s clearly a phony. Look at his backers. His backers want open borders and he’s going to give it to them.”

First-time caller Phil in Virginia asked: “What could be done about the government benefits?” As a truck driver, Phil said, “I have to plan for my own retirement. They get into political office; they stay there for who knows how long. They leave office and then they get their retirement.” He added he supported political outsider and former CEO Carly Fiorina’s plan to shrink government employee roles. “Why don’t the politicians have to plan for their own retirement?”

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