Cruz Delegate in Colorado Defends Process: ‘I Am Not a Party Insider’

Cruz shakes hands in Colorado
Stacie Scott / AP

A top Ted Cruz delegate from Colorado is defending that state’s delegate process, which saw Cruz take all 34 delegates at the state convention without Colorado actually holding a caucus.

Kristi Burton Brown, 28, tells Breitbart News that she does not feel bad for people who got shut out of the process. Burton Brown is a pro-life lawyer and a Ted Cruz county co-chair and is now a pro-Cruz national delegate from Colorado.

“I feel badly I guess for people who didn’t go find out how to get involved, because everybody should have their voice heard. But ultimately they didn’t get involved in the process. It’s a system that has been in place for decades in Colorado,” Brown said.

“Trump delegates got some votes, they had some support, but just not enough to get any delegates,” she added.

Burton Brown does not see any merit to Trump supporters’ criticism of the process.

“No, I don’t. Because I’m 28-years-old. I’m not a party insider at all. I’ve had the chairman of the state party be mad at me in the past on a previous campaign over a pro-life issue,” she said.

Her statements are interesting in light of what Trump convention manager Paul Manafort recently said in an interview with Chuck Todd.

“Do I know the 25, 30-year-old delegates? No,” said Manafort, who helped Gerald Ford in his convention fight in 1976 and defended his knowledge of the system and ability to carry it home for Trump in Cleveland.

“They offer them trips — they offer them all sorts of things, and you’re allowed to do that,” Trump said on Fox and Friends about the Colorado process. “I mean, you’re allowed to offer trips, and you can buy all these votes. What kind of a system is this? Now, I’m an outsider, and I came into the system and I’m winning the votes by millions of votes. But the system is rigged. It’s crooked.”