Our Principles PAC and Anti-Trump Forces Target GOP Delegates

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Washington, DC

Anti-Trump forces are investing in a delegate strategy rather than running more campaign ads against the real estate mogul, according to the Associated Press.

Super PACs, such as Our Principles PAC, spent millions of dollars trying to take out the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, running negative campaign ads against him that did little-to-no damage.

“The delegate focus comes after the groups’ earlier efforts turned out to be money not particularly well spent,” the Associated Press reports.

GOP-aligned groups spent at least $218 million on presidential television and radio ads, according to advertising tracker Kantar Media’s CMAG. In one example, last month Our Principles put $2.3 million into ads trying to persuade Florida voters to ditch Trump, but he won the state anyway.

“At this stage, the delegate fight is the most important part of the race,” stated Our Principles PAC spokesperson Tim Miller. “The work we’re doing on it is how we get the biggest bang for our buck.”