Hillary Clinton: I Hope Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Hillary and DREAMer John Locher AP
John Locher/AP

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a statement in support of President Obama’s executive amnesty as the Supreme Court hears legal arguments today in the United States v. Texas case on the legality of his actions.

But prior to the court’s ruling, Clinton assured confidence in the constitutionality of Obama’s actions.

“President Obama acted within his legal and constitutional authority in halting the deportation of parents and children, and I hope the Court will uphold his actions,” she said.

Clinton also vowed to protect Obama’s actions if elected president.

“If elected president, I will do everything I can to protect the President’s executive actions and go further to bring more people relief and keep families together,” she said.

She also defended the illegal immigrants who were granted temporary status under Obama’s DACA and DAPA order.

“They call America home and want nothing more than to continue to contribute to their communities,” she said.

She also vowed to bring comprehensive immigration reform to Congress during her first 100 days as president.

“We need to stand up, fight for families, fix our broken immigration system, create a reliable path to citizenship and end the fear that haunts too many lives and communities,” she said.