Politico: Public Rebuke Brews for Ben Sasse at Nebraska Convention


From Kyle Cheney writing at Politico:

Sen. Ben Sasse’s outspoken rejection of Donald Trump is roiling Nebraska Republican politics, and the discord is threatening to boil over at the state’s GOP convention Saturday.

A prominent Nebraska political operative — who is the nephew of senior GOP Sen. Deb Fischer — is behind a move to publicly rebuke the anti-Trump movement. Sam Fischer has issued a proposed resolution — set for a vote at the convention — declaring that the state party will refuse to support any Republican officeholder who opposes the GOP presidential nominee or agitates for a third-party candidate.

Though the measure doesn’t name Sasse, the junior senator is clearly the target. He has become the most prominent elected Republican to embrace the “#NeverTrump” movement and call for a conservative candidate to join the field. He recently reiterated his support for a February Facebook post in which he shredded Trump as ill-suited to be president and said he’d refuse to support him as the nominee.

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