Donald Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas,’ She Claimed to Be an Indian ‘Because Her Cheek Bones Were High’

Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump AP
Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “Pocahontas” during his campaign rally in New Mexico on Tuesday night.

Warren, who previously criticized Trump on Twitter, has recently been the focus of Trump’s wrath.

“She’s probably the senator that’s doing the least,” the billionaire said of Warren. “She said she was an Indian … because her cheek bones were high.”

Trump’s taunting of Warren as an Indian comes after Warren ran against Scott Brown in 2012 “when the Boston Herald unearthed that Harvard Law School held up Warren’s ‘Native American background’ as evidence of a diverse hiring pool during her tenure there in the 1990s,” Fusion explains.

What followed was a weeks-long attempt on Warren’s part to creatively have it both ways: while she admitted to listing herself as a minority in a law school directory in order to connect with “people like me” and that being descendant of Native Americans is an “important” part of her heritage, she also claimed to not have used her background for personal gain. And she denied knowing Harvard ever touted her as a minority.

Warren reportedly claims she is “1/32 Cherokee, descendant of Delaware Indians.”