Wikileaks: Campaign Staff Writes Hillary Clinton’s ‘Personal’ Tweets

Hillary Clinton Twitter

Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff writes the tweets that Clinton claims are written by her personally, according to Wikileaks’ dump of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“Tweets from Hillary signed –H,” Clinton’s Twitter account claims.

Campaign special assistant Milia Fisher sent an email to Podesta asking for approval on edits to some of Clinton’s signature tweets.

Fisher sent an email to Podesta on July 1, 2015 with the subject line “FOR APPROVAL: Slight Edit To Tweet.”

91% of all @HillaryClinton donations were $100 or less. *Grateful. *Thanks people. Digital felt strongly that we add an appreciative sentiment. You OK with the extra word? Here’s the breakdown of their plan:

(1/3) Still running the numbers—but here’s what we know: In the first quarter of this campaign, supporters gave more than $4 <>5 million. -H

(2/3) RT Podesta tweet re: 91% figure Here’s a number we’re especially proud of. -H

(3/3) Just one thing left to say to everyone who has pitched in to support this campaign: Thank you. -H

All of the tweets Fisher mentioned were signed “-H.”

Here are the tweets that were eventually published with Clinton’s fraudulent signature: