Report: Democrats Believe Paul Ryan Will Join 2017 Amnesty Push

Paul Ryan I'm With Her
Washington D.C

The Hill reports that Democratic lawmakers are planning to swiftly push to enact immigration amnesty if Hilary Clinton is elected President.

According to the report, these prominent Democrats understand that Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan supports amnesty and believes that Republicans like Ryan will tell conservatives who oppose Clinton’s amnesty legislation to “go take a hike.”

“Democrats are bracing for a fierce fight over immigration on Capitol Hill if Hillary Clinton wins the White House on Nov. 8,” The Hill reports. “Clinton has promised to send a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress within her first 100 days in office if elected…”

Clinton’s campaign website has made clear that by “comprehensive immigration reform,” Clinton means citizenship for illegal immigrants, which would give them welfare access, voting privileges, and the ability to bring over their family members through chain migration.

According to the report, Clinton’s staff and allies understand that Speaker Ryan supports amnesty, and, as such, they view him as the key to enacting Clinton’s immigration agenda.

“[Clinton campaign spokesman Brian] Fallon noted that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in concept supports both infrastructure investment and immigration reform,” The Hill reports.

“[Sen. Chuck] Schumer told NBC’s John Harwood in an interview this week that he thinks both immigration reform and an infrastructure package can pass in the new Congress. He said both policies come to mind because they are backed by Clinton, Ryan and himself,” The Hill writes.

Schumer predicted that Republicans like Ryan will tell conservatives who oppose Clinton’s immigration agenda to “go take a hike,” according to the report: “Schumer predicted that ‘mainstream conservatives in the Senate and House’ will tell ‘the hard right,’ who are staunchly opposed to immigration reform, to ‘go take a hike’ if they try to quash reform.”

The report seems to reinforce predictions previously made by Sen. Tim Kaine, who has said that under a President Clinton and Speaker Ryan, amnesty would be enacted within the first 100 days of a Clinton-Kaine administration.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota has projected that if Clinton were able to pass legislation similar to the 2013 Rubio-Schumer immigration bill, which she supported, Clinton could potentially add 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone, in addition to the 11 million illegal immigrants to whom she plans to immediately grant amnesty.

In a private speech made public by WikiLeaks, Clinton told Goldman Sachs executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American”—an astonishing statement given the fact that according to Pew polling data, 83 percent of the American electorate would like to see immigration levels frozen or reduced.

Only 15 percent of American voters—and seven percent of Republican voters—agree with the Clinton-Ryan vision of increasing immigration.

Given Ryan’s record on the issue, it is not surprising Democrats believe he will help advance their 2017 efforts to enact amnesty. As a 2015 PBS documentary revealed, in 2013 and 2014 Ryan worked behind closed doors with Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez and other pro-amnesty Republicans to craft an immigration bill and whip House Republicans to support the donor-class’s immigration expansion agenda. PBS reported that Ryan’s stealth effort was nearly successful—having crafted a bill that he knew the majority of Republicans could support. According to the PBS documentary, had it not been for Eric Cantor’s ejection as House Majority Leader, then-Speaker John Boehner likely would have brought Ryan’s bill up for a vote and his amnesty plan likely would have passed.

In 2015, immediately following Ryan’s announcement that he was running for House Speaker, conservatives expressed concern that his Speakership would ultimately lead to an amnesty push in 2017. As one senior GOP aide told Breitbart News last year, “Speaker Ryan will usher through the most detrimental bill in modern America. He will enjoy working with Luis Gutierrez to craft it, and President Anyone-but-Trump will celebrate signing it into law.”

At the time, nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh warned that the effort to install Ryan as House Speaker was all about getting “the donor-class agenda… implemented, including amnesty and whatever else they want. That is the objective here. That’s what I think this all adds up to,” Limbaugh said.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Ryan has a long history of advocating for globalist policies on trade and immigration. Indeed, Ryan shares Clinton’s support for open borders and supports the importation of foreign workers to compete against American white-collar and blue-collar workers. As NBC’s Chuck Todd has explained, Ryan is “an internationalist” who supports the “open borders” ideology on immigration.

Bernie Sanders told Vox in 2015 that “open borders” is “a Koch brothers proposal” that “would make everybody in America poorer” by allowing employers to “bring in all kinds of people [who will] work for $2 or $3 an hour.” Sanders said that “open borders… says essentially there is no United States” and amounts to “doing away with the concept of a nation-state.”

The shared globalist agenda of establishment Republicans, Democrats, and their wealthy corporate donors prompted far-left Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein to denounce Hillary Clinton as a member of Washington’s corrupt, corporatist “uni-party”.

“Both Democrats and Republicans are funded by big corporate interests,” Stein wrote, noting that Washington’s “uni-party” works to advance the goals of its transnational donors rather than the desires of the American electorate. Stein and her party have argued that the Democratic and Republican parties that “cuddle up to Wall Street and special interests” essentially “agree on [a] neoliberal agenda” of “globalization… [and] austerity for the rest of us.”