Hillary Clinton Staffer Directed to Bypass Transportation Secretary’s Government Email Account

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NEW YORK – An email captured from John Podesta’s personal gmail email address has one Hillary Clinton campaign staffer directing another to bypass the government email address for Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and instead send campaign materials to Foxx’s private address.

In the email in question, released today by Wikileaks, Podesta’s chief of staff, Sara Latham, writes to another campaign staffer, Milia Fisher, asking her to send draft campaign materials specifically to Foxx’s personal account and not to his government email.

Latham also seems to ask Fisher to send the materials specifically from Podesta’s gmail account, implying the email should not come from Podesta’s campaign email address.

Podesta is the chairman of Clinton’s campaign.

Here is the text of the Jan 6, 2016 email from Latham:


here are the 3 docs JDP wanted to send to Secy Foxx tonight if you want to tee up a draft email from his gmail to Foxx’s personal email not .gov, attach the docs etc…thx.

JDP is a reference to John David Podesta.  His initials are commonly used in the published emails.

Latham’s email further contains a draft message to Foxx from Podesta, written entirely in lowercase letters. The email makes clear the materials being sent to Foxx were campaign related:

Secretary Foxx,

really great to catch up earlier today, thanks again for your time next week. our Iowa team is ready to welcome you – pack some extra layers! as discussed I wanted to share our latest talking points on what’s at stake in this election, our policy paper on our infrastructure plan, and thought you may find it helpful to read Tom Perez’s speech from his trip to Iowa with Sec Clinton.

don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or need anything further.



Fisher replied, “Sure!”

On January 11, five days after the email referencing the campaign’s Iowa team was sent, Foxx officially endorsed Clinton at a campaign event in Iowa.  He became the fourth Obama Cabinet member to back Clinton’s presidential bid.

The emails from both Latham and Fisher were sent from their domains at Clinton’s campaign, @hillaryclinton.com. Podesta’s gmail account was copied in the exchanges.

No explanation was provided for why the campaign staffer was asked to bypass Foxx’s government address. And there was no further explanation as to why the email should ostensibly be sent from Podesta’s gmail account, either.

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With research by Joshua Klein.