Paul Ryan Ignores Calls to Denounce Steve Bannon: ‘This Is a Person Who Helped Him Win’

: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) answers questions during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol November 15, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

House Speaker Paul Ryan ignored calls from partisan Democrats, the media, and even Lena Dunham, demanding he denounce President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to hire former Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon as his chief adviser and political strategist.

“This is a person who helped him win an incredible victory,” Ryan replied when asked during a press conference on Tuesday, after the media spent three days accusing Bannon of being a racist, xenophobic, sexist, white supremacist.

Ryan reverted to his traditional playbook of pushing personalities out of political arguments, and promoting policies.

“The president is going to be judged on the results of this administration,” he said, adding that he was looking forward to working with Vice President elect Mike Pence to get the administration up to speed.

One reporter asked Ryan about past negative coverage about him from Breitbart News, while Bannon was chairman.

“I’m not worried about … I’m not looking backwards, I’m looking forward,” Ryan replied. “I’m looking to the future and I’m looking forward to how we make this work for the American people, how we help president-elect Trump be the most successful president in our lifetimes.”