New York City High School Allows Some Students to Skip Class for Trump Protests

trump-protests-via AP

History teachers at an elite New York City high school allowed their students to skip class to protest in front of Trump Tower despite fellow educators’ objections.

Around 200 students from Beacon High School in Manhattan joined other students to protest in front of Trump Tower, the New York Post reported.

English teachers at the same school, however, disagreed with the history teachers’ decisions and told students there would be consequences if they skipped class.

Department of Education officials told the Post that no students were officially allowed to cut class and those that did would face punishment.

Sources said that parents were not notified by the school about the decision about the protests and only found out from their children.

“No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!” some were heard chanting as they protested President-elect Donald Trump’s election.

One student, however, said she would have preferred to be in class, but her opinion was in the minority.

“Kids are crazy,” she said after the rally. “They fail to realize that America voted for him.”

Students in Los Angeles and San Francisco have already walked out of classes to protest Trump, but they weren’t sanctioned by the teachers.