Donald Trump: Joe Biden Family ‘Paid Off’ by China and Ukraine

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden pauses while sp
Mario Tama/Getty Images

President Donald Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden on Sunday of being “paid off” by foreign interests.

“The Biden family was PAID OFF, pure and simple!” Trump said. “The fake news must stop making excuses for something that is totally inexcusable.”

The president pointed to the photo of the former Vice President playing golf with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, a man who also served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Referring to Biden’s presidential campaign, Trump said the former Vice President should just “hang it up.”

“Sleepy Joe won’t get to the starting gate, & based on all of the money he & his family probably ‘extorted,’ Joe should hang it up,” Trump wrote.

He again said he would love running against Biden in the general election, but did not see him succeeding, based on his previous failed runs for president in 2007 and 1988.

Trump expressed surprise that the establishment media continued to defend Biden from his attacks.

“It is INCREDIBLE to watch and read the Fake News and how they pull out all stops to protect Sleepy Joe Biden and his thrown out of the Military son, Hunter,” Trump wrote.

The Biden campaign sent an aggressive memo to media outlets in September demanding that “any article, segment, analysis and commentary that does not demonstrably state at the outset that there is no factual basis for Trump’s claims, and in fact that they are wholly discredited, is misleading readers and viewers.”

The establishment media has largely complied.

However, Trump said he would continue to raise questions about Hunter Biden’s lucrative opportunities in Ukraine and China while his father was vice president.

“There is NO WAY these can be legitimate transactions?” he said. “As lawyers & others have stated, as President, I have an OBLIGATION to look into possible, or probable, CORRUPTION!”


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