Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Denounces ‘Nakedly Partisan’ Impeachment

Protestors march during a demonstration in part of a national impeachment rally, at the Federal Building in San Francisco, California on December 17, 2019. - Protesters around the nation participated in "Nobody is Above the Law" rallies on the eve of a historic Trump impeachment vote in the United States …

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday denounced the “nakedly partisan” House Democrat-led effort to impeach President Donald Trump in a front-page article.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Washington Bureau Chief and political reporter Craig Gilbert recalled his coverage of the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, noting he described it as “nakedly partisan,” “rhetorically vicious,” and “procedurally addled.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel front page

Gilbert wrote the same words applied to the impeachment process against President Trump.

“The Trump impeachment carries broad rhetorical echoes of the Clinton impeachment. It features similar arguments about the virtues and perils of impeaching a president, but with the parties reversing roles, each side adopting the same words, logic, and even metaphors used by the other side two decades ago,” he wrote.



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