Donald Trump Campaigns Against Mosquitos and Sharks in Pennsylvania


President Donald Trump delivered a campaign speech in Pennsylvania on Thursday criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden but was distracted briefly by a mosquito.

The president swatted at the bug as he stood at the podium and said, “I want to get that mosquito out of here, I don’t like them.”

He joked that his critics would accuse him of “cruelty to animals” and then began talking about sharks.

“They were saying the other night, the sharks, we have to protect them,” Trump said, referring to a news program. “They actually want to move all the seals in order to save the shark. And I said wait a minute don’t you have it the other way around?”

A 63-year-old New York City woman was killed in July by a great white shark in Maine, prompting an increase of shark stories and sightings this summer.

“It’s true, I’m not a big fan of sharks either,” Trump said.

He joked that his statement on sharks might hurt him in the 2020 election.

“I don’t know how many votes are we going to lose,” he said.


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