Donald Trump Wants Grill After Rappers Endorse Him at Bronx Rally: ‘I Got to Get My Teeth Like That’

Donald Trump Bronx
AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

Former President Donald Trump playfully said he wanted to get a grill after rapper Sheff G flashed an expensive smile while endorsing him alongside rapper Sleepy Hallow at his Bronx rally Thursday.

After inviting the rappers on stage, Trump shook hands with Sheff G and remarked, “I like that. I want to get that done,” regarding his grill.

Sheff G then spoke in support of the presumptive Republican nominee.

“President Trump, my man. One thing I want to say: they always gon’ whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. Trump gon’ shout the wins for all of us,” he said, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Sleepy Hallow had a four-word message for the crowd, “Make America Great Again!”

Trump thanked the rappers and repeated that he needed to get a set of grills.

“Thank you very much. I like those teeth. I got to find out where you did — I got to get my teeth like that. I want that to happen to me,” he said.

The New York Daily News noted that both rappers were indicted in a 2023 gang-related murder conspiracy investigation and were recently released on bail or bond:

Sheff G, known to the government as Michael Williams, was out on bail set last month at $150,000 cash or $1 million bond for conspiracy charges and multiple counts of murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the case covering 27 different acts of violence — including a dozen shootings.

His protege Sleepy Hallow, whose legal name is Tegan Chambers, was out on bail set at $200,000 cash or $150,000 bond for conspiracy charges.

Speaking with Turning Point USA’s Savannah Hernandez, one man smiled and said that Trump “came to Morissania, South Bronx — the hood-hood,” where he does not recall other presidents ever going before.

“I think it’s great” that Trump is in the Bronx, the man said. “I think it’s dope.”

“I know presidents have came to the Bronx before, but we’re talking about Woodlawn, Riverdale. [Trump] has came to Morissansia, South Bronx — the hood-hood — so I respect that,” he added.


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