VIDEO — ‘We Will Find You’: Lara Trump Warns Those Planning to Cheat in Elections

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump addresses the media at the Oakland Count
AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chair Lara Trump offered a warning Friday to anyone planning to cheat in an election.

While speaking during Turning Point USA’s convention in Detroit, Michigan, former President Trump’s daughter-in-law told the audience, “This year is the year we do it,” Fox News reported Sunday.

“We are also sending a loud and clear message out there to anyone who thinks about cheating in an election. If you cheat in an election, we will find you, we will track you down and we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law,” she added.

Following her statements, the audience erupted in cheers.

The RNC recently criticized President Joe Biden’s (D) campaign after it demanded the RNC drop mail-in ballot election integrity lawsuits following the RNC’s messaging, Breitbart News reported Thursday.

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“The Biden-Harris campaign form:ally called on the Trump campaign and RNC to drop ‘attacks’ on mail-in ballots, attempting to frame Trump and the GOP as being hypocritical by now urging Republicans to do whatever they have to do to have their vote counted, even if that means voting early or mailing in a ballot,” the outlet said.

But the RNC has shown its election integrity lawsuits are legitimate and they target specific issues such as counting ballots received several days after Election Day or those that do not have postmarks.

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Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

During a recent interview with Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in San Antonio, Texas, Lara Trump said Republicans should leave nothing to chance in this election cycle, adding that people should vote early.

“We know life happens. And what we want people to understand is that going to vote early, your vote will count, and we need to make it too big to rig,” she stated.

In December, a survey found that in the 2020 election, more than one in five voters who submitted ballots via mail said they did so fraudulently, per Breitbart News.


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