McLaughlin To Clift: ‘You Hate Guns,’ NRA Doesn’t Recommend Misusing Guns


On Friday, “McLaughlin Group” host John McLaughlin told the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift “You hate guns” and pushed back against her assertion that her criticisms of the NRA are due to her hatred of guns that are misused.

After Clift named the NRA the year’s most stagnant thinker, McLaughlin said, “That was expected. You hate guns, though.”

Clift responded, “I hate guns that are misused.” McLaughlin then countered, “Well, the National Rifle Association recommends the opposite.”

Clift then said, They are basically a trade association that defends and protects the gun industry and they resist any kind of common sense gun reforms, which I think you are in favor of, John.”

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