Custom Shop: No Mass Production of ‘Nintendo Glock’

Custom Machine Shop Turns Glock Handgun into Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ Pistol
Precision Syndicate, LLC/Facebook

Following a weekend of internet sensation over the Glock which was revamped into a Nintendo “Duck Hunt” pistol, custom shop Precision Syndicate, LLC announced there will be no mass production of the weapon.

Moreover, they urged everyone “to keep your guns locked up and away from children.”

On April 10 Breitbart News reported on the Nintendo-inspired aftermarket Glock. Precision Syndicate had released photos of the gun, showing the normally black Glock as a grey-framed handgun, with a white slide, red lettering and red accents.

But late on Sunday Precision Syndicate posted a Facebook announcement that the gun was a one-time project and will not be mass produced. They wrote:

In light of the “Nintendo Glock” drama, we feel that the media and our fans need to know that this firearm will not be mass produced nor will it ever be. This is a one off custom build for a friend of ours. Do to the thousands of emails and messages we have received in the past 2 days we have been unable to contact everyone in a timely manner, please be patient we will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support!

Precision Syndicate added, “Oh, and please.. keep your guns locked up and away from children, it’s common sense.”

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