WATCH: Anti-Gun Control Video that Got Student Ordered to Undergo Psychological Exam

Anti-gun control cartoon screenshot

Breitbart News previously reported Manville High School senior Frank Harvey’s claim that the police were called to question him and he was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation because of his anti-gun control project. At issue was a video Harvey made to emphasize the fact that criminals do not follow laws, therefore, more gun control only constrains law-abiding citizens.

The video was discovered on a thumb-drive Harvey accidentally left in a school library computer. It shows that criminals get guns illegally–regardless of the law–and he contrasted this with stories that highlight law-abiding citizens’ need to be able to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and their families.

The video also mocks the idea that “liberals” pretend criminals are hindered by “gun free zone” signage.

Harvey’s video tells the story of a criminal who acquired his gun illegally and was later “convicted of murder in the first degree.” Text in the video says:

We can establish that because criminals do not follow laws they therefore would be able to obtain a gun even if laws were established to prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining guns. Preventing law-abiding citizens from obtaining guns only makes [the criminal’s] “job” easier, as the law-abiding citizens are now unable to protect themselves from criminals who obtain guns illegally anyway.

He tells the story of “a father in Texas who was well-prepared to defend his home” when three home invaders struck in July 2013. The father “[sent] two of them to thief heaven after the fatal mistake of breaking into the wrong home.”

Harvey observes, “So, who is the real insane one here? The law-abiding citizen who owns a gun to protect himself and his family, or the Liberal who wishes to take that right away?”

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