Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm Convinced if People Got to Know Richard Sherman, They'd Like Him'

Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm Convinced if People Got to Know Richard Sherman, They'd Like Him'

Conservative icon and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that people would get to like Richard Sherman if they got to know him in commenting about Sherman’s crazed post-game interview with FOX’s Erin Andrews after Seattle’s NFC title win over San Francisco on Sunday night. 

On his radio show on Monday, Limbaugh said that Sherman is being framed as a “villain” and an “arrogant egomaniac” and said he was “surprised we don’t get more post-game interviews like this when the adrenaline is still pumping.”

Limbaugh said he was not condoning Sherman’s rant but said that NFL players were “playing for the championship” and this is “their life.” He said the game is “huge stuff” and there is a reason why they are “all wound up.”

Limbaugh again said he is not condoning Sherman’s rant or becoming “touchy-feely” like a leftist before mentioning that Sherman came out of Compton, California, which Limbaugh called “an infested slum.” Limbaugh said people are lucky if they make it out of Compton alive let alone make it to Stanford University, a school that regularly rejects top athletes because they don’t get good grades like Sherman, who was a straight-A student in high school. He mentioned Sherman’s father drove a garbage truck and said Sherman has a solid family.

“I’m convinced that if people got to know Sherman, they’d like him,” Limbaugh said. 

Limbaugh also said Sherman is a “really smart guy” who is “football smart” and “generally smart” about everything else that is not related to football. Limbaugh noted his “great grammar” and “great vocabulary” and the thoughtful and insightful columns he has been writing for Peter King’s MMQB. Limbaugh praised how Sherman is a “student of the game.” 

Limbaugh, who said he was “stunned and shocked” by the interview, then talked about the particular nature of the cornerback position. He said corners are “on an island all by themselves” and it is a “lonely position.”

“Cornerbacks are an amazing ego study,” Limbaugh said while mentioning that every successful cornerback has an ego and implied that one was needed to succeed at that position at the highest level because corners are either heroes or goats. 

Limbaugh also said there is a history between Sherman and Crabtree and two almost got into a fight at an event put on by Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald last year, and that is why there is bad blood between them. 


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