WATCH: Indonesia Volcano Survivor Begs Mother for Help After Deadly Eruption

A video clip shows survivors of the Saturday volcano eruption in Indonesia covered in ash and in desperate need of help.

Zhafirah Zahrim Febrina, 19, recorded a video on her phone as she called out to her mother, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

The young woman used a family nickname to refer to herself, stating, “Mum, help Ife. This is Ife’s situation right now.”

Febrina has since been hospitalized alongside her father and uncle. The family had been trapped while enjoying a hiking excursion with 18 others. The young woman’s mother said her child is experiencing severe trauma as a result.

“In another video, a young girl is pictured with thick ash and dirt in her face, on her clothes and in her hair. Her face appears bloodied and her voice hoarse. She is also heard speaking into her phone, trapped in apocalyptic scenes,” the Mail article said.

Video footage shows Mount Marapi’s volcanoic eruption, with smoke and ash reaching into the sky as locals watch:

Eleven climbers have died, and 12 are still missing after the incident, Fox Weather reported Monday.

The report said, “Three survivors were found on Monday along with the bodies of 11 climbers, who were among dozens that were in the area when the mountain exploded.”

“Several other climbers were located safely, and others were taken to local hospitals to be treated for injuries,” the article noted.

According to Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure, the volcano, which is located in West Sumatra, began erupting on Sunday afternoon.

The Mail article noted that approximately 75 hikers were stranded during the incident.

“The local search and rescue team says the majority of the climbers have been found with many being treated for burns,” the New York Post reported Monday:

Officials suspended their search Monday because of another small eruption, the Post noted, adding the eruption shot ash nearly two miles into the sky.


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