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Minnesota Government Forcing Business to Build a Useless $30,000 Room

Imagine that you are a successful small-business entrepreneur. And then imagine that the government was forcing you to spend $30,000 to build something utterly useless just to prove that you were serious about your business. Sound crazy? That is essentially

SUPER PACs: Occupy the Courts and the Fight for Free Speech

This past weekend marked the two-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United. Protesters, dubbed Occupy the Courts, gathered at the Court to voice their disapproval of the decision: [youtube FJxMmqTWcNE] As Institute for Justice campaign finance

Licensing Gone Wild: Five Years in Prison for Teeth Whitening

Lisa Martinez was forced to shut down her businesses or face five years in prison. Her crime? Teeth whitening. This week, Lisa and others are fighting back in a big way: [youtube xy9k1Ujq0Tk&] In 2008, Lisa opened Connecticut White Smile

Friday's Obamacare Ruling Was a Momentous Event

What is the most important part of the 11th Circuit’s recent ruling on The Affordable Care Act? You might think it was the individual mandate being struck down. But it was actually this: Judicial engagement. For the first time in

EPIC LICENSING BATTLE: The Florida Interior Design Cartel Strikes Back

When you think about a highly aggressive cartel teaming up with politicians to pass protectionist laws that kick entrepreneurs out of work, you probably don’t think about interior designers. But you should. [youtube C_4U3VehaW4&] The American Society of Interior Designers

EPIC LICENSING BATTLE: The Florida Interior Design Cartel Strikes Back

When you think about a highly aggressive cartel teaming up with politicians to pass protectionist laws that kick entrepreneurs out of work, you probably don’t think about interior designers. But you should. [youtube C_4U3VehaW4&] The American Society of Interior Designers

Why are California Republicans Permitting Eminent Domain Abuse?

Partisan politics shouldn’t stand in the way of protecting private property rights. Unfortunately in California, Republicans are siding with bureaucracy, Big Government and eminent domain abuse. In an effort to close the state’s budget gap, Governor Brown has proposed eliminating

BIG NEWS: Federal Court Halts Shocking Property Rights Abuse

You really have to see this one to believe it: [youtube QMDnCcSUfao&] The video above was just released by the Institute for Justice. It begins with an elderly woman lamenting: When my son came back from Kuwait he couldn’t believe

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Police Stealing Property, Abusing Forfeiture

In Michigan, police were caught on tape stealing private property: What do you want to take in the basement? Do you want to take the drums and all that (expletive), or no? The police took three pages worth of property

SAVING LIVES: Cancer Patients Unite, Sue Federal Government

There’s a bad law on the books that is costing lives every single day. Cancer patients from around the country have teamed up with a world-famous doctor, a non-profit and the Institute for Justice in a major federal lawsuit against

MEAN STREETS: IJ Launches National Defense of Food Vendors

The Institute for Justice has been vindicating the rights of entrepreneurs for the last twenty years. Across the country, IJ has teamed up with casket makers, florists, hairbraiders, horse teeth-floaters, interior designers, sign-hangers, taxi-drivers, trash haulers, vintners and numerous other

Puppies + Bureaucrats = Federal Free Speech Lawsuit

What do you get when you mix bureaucrats with a bunch of adorable puppies? In Kim Houghton’s case, you get a major First Amendment lawsuit. [youtube eFm0jWM2-zg] Kim Houghton decided after a successful, 20-year career in advertising that she wanted

Can a City's Budget Priorities Trump the Constitution?

On Tuesday the Institute for Justice went to federal court to find out. [youtube vJ9IbZ05JrY] Two years ago IJ teamed up with three Philadelphia tour guides to file a major First Amendment lawsuit seeking to vindicate the freedom to speak

Texas Entrepreneurs Win Fight for Economic Liberty

Carl Mitz is a third-generation horseman. The Texan is widely known as one of the nation’s best horse dentists. He’s treated the teeth of over 100,000 horses and has clients in over 30 states. But Texas bureaucrats tried for years

IJ Scores Major Legal Victory for Free Speech

Karen Sampson and her Colorado neighbors just won a serious victory for liberty. In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Colorado’s disclosure laws for grassroots political groups. This is a big deal.

Licensing Gone Wild: Armed Government Agents Raiding Barber Shops

Let’s say you have a knack for cutting hair. If you live in Florida, guess how many hours of government-mandated instruction you’d be forced to sit through before you can become a barber? 1,200. That’s right, well over a thousand

Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

Nationwide, government at every level is requiring more and more of the workforce to get its permission just to earn a living. In the 1950s, only about 5 percent of the workforce needed a government license to do their job.

Bulldozing Free Speech on Eminent Domain Abuse

Carla Main wrote an outstanding book called Bulldozed. A veteran journalist, she brought to life a heart-wrenching, true-life tale of eminent domain abuse in a Texas fishing town. She told the truth. And for that, she’s being sued. Today, Carla

Talk About the Bill of Rights, Get 90 Days in Jail

In Washington, DC, talking about the Bill of Rights can land you in jail for 90 days. Our nation’s capital has a licensing scheme in place that makes it illegal for anyone to “guide or escort” anyone else for hire

'The Mother of the Freedom Movement,' Her Neighborhood Needs YOUR Help

55 years ago, Rosa Parks helped launch the modern civil rights movement. Today, the government is bulldozing her old neighborhood. Here’s the real kicker: The homeowners are forced to pay the cost of demolition. [youtube rct8IeklcGQ] Nobel prize-winning libertarian economist

Public School FAIL: Video Clip That Will Shock, Sadden You

On June 5, Andrew Coulson posted a disturbing graph at Big Government: He showed that public education costs are skyrocketing while student achievement remains flat. In another graph in the same post, he showed that the public school bureaucracy is

Licensing Gone Wild: Monks Face Jail for Selling Caskets

Abbot Justin Brown and his fellow monks are being threatened with crippling fines and even jail time. Their crime? Selling caskets. Today, they are fighting back in a big way. [youtube 7NxtGzsGtJc] In 1889, a group of monks from Indiana

How Much Private Property is the Government Stealing in Your State?

You’ve probably heard about eminent domain abuse. That’s where the government takes your land and hands it over to another private party….one that is more politically connected. But you may not have heard about civil forfeiture. And yet, today, it

Supreme Court to Consider School Tax-Credit Program

Today the Institute for Justice filed opening briefs in our fourth case to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court. IJ’s first trip to the high court came in 2002 and resulted in a landmark victory for school choice. We also

Institute for Justice: The Power of One Entrepreneur Campaign

If government is serious about job creation, it should get out of the way of the entrepreneurs who actually create them. That is the message of a new campaign launched this week by the Institute for Justice–the nation’s leading legal

FREE TRADE BAN: 90 Days in Jail? Farmers Fight Back

Should farmers get thrown in jail for 90 days and hit with $1,000 in fines for engaging in free trade? Unfortunately, that’s the law in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. And that is why the farmers are fighting back. Tuesday they rallied

KELO: Five Years Later

The Little Pink House that changed America still stands strong. Five years ago this week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued what would soon become one of the most despised decisions in its history. In a controversial 5-4 opinion, the Court