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Introducing Parcbench

Today is the first Monday of Spring, the season that inspires fresh hope, renewed energy, and thoughts of new beginnings. And so it is appropriate that today a colleague and I have launched Parcbench, a pop-culture and lifestyle brand whose

Clooney's Urgent Message to Obama

At last, the long-suffering people of Darfur should rest easy. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has finally issued an unenforceable, meaningless arrest warrant to bring Sudan’s murderer of a president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, to justice. In case you did not

Sean Penn Makes Me Puke In My Mouth

Hmmm….why did Mickey Rourke win Best Actor in every other award ceremony besides this one? As I said, the Academy punished Mickey for his gratitude towards President Bush for keeping our country safe from Islamo-facist terrorism. Instead, it chose to

Gran Issue Approaching

Leave it to the out of touch boneheads in Hollywood to exclude the best movie of the year, “Gran Torino” with Client Eastwood, from it best picture nominations. If you have not seen it yet, then you should before Sunday’s

Hollywood Should Pledge Its Money Where Its Collective Mouth Is

Go to YouTube and type in, “I Pledge” for the latest insufferably, self-important pat on its own back courtesy of Hollywood. The video montage is Tinsletown’s way of pledging fidelity to Barack Obama and letting him know that…”You’re Not Alone!”