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#OccupyWallSt's Corporate Cheerleaders

The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements were both born out of the despair following the 2008 financial crisis, and both have tapped into the public’s anger over the unfairness of bank bailouts and huge bonuses for the risk

Obamanomics: The Markets Are Losing Hope

In today’s New York Post: There was once a time when trouble in foreign markets, whether in Asia or as now in Europe, would be good for US stocks. Sure, our markets can get hammered when news like the 1997

White House in Denial on Downgrade

From today’s New York Post: The White House narrative on how the country lost its triple-A rating and began a descent toward Third World status goes something like this: Standard & Poors woke up Friday morning and out of the

Robert Rubin: The Nexus Of Big Government and Wall Street

For anyone who thinks that big Wall Street and Big Government aren’t joined at the hip, promoting policies and laws that keep each other fat and happy often at the expense of the American taxpayer, consider the career of Robert