Christopher C. Horner

Climate Alarmism, Journalism in their Death Embrace

The Washington Post has a predictable, propagandistic lead Monday editorial — “Climate change underscored: A new report leaves little room for doubt” — that merits a fisking for the prominence given such admittedly non-newsy, if wildly spun and internally inconsistent,

Chris Christie to Announce He's Not Running for President

What else can one say about this? Governor Christie to Talk Global Climate Change with Scientists Governor tells NJ Environmental Federation his original doubts were due to not having a “fully formed opinion.” The Republican governor, who caused a stir

Do Profitable Senators Need Taxpayer Subsidies?

So. With yesterday’s farcical Senate theater, the brain-trust begs a very basic question: “Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., who presided over the hearing [said] ‘Businesses should make a profit. That’s what drives our economy. But do these profitable

New Energy Boone-doggle and the Republicans' Moment of Decision

Consider these two dueling headlines in today’s ClimateWire and their sub-heads (subscription required), as helpful reminders of how absurd U.S. energy politics have become (and why no one points to Europe any more as our ‘green energy’ model). More important,

Red China's Lessons for Green Boondogglers?

David Kreutzer of Heritage has a great item up on The Foundry, on WaPo’s remarkable (it was WaPo!) exposé of the miracle Chinese bullet trains actually leaving a trail of, well, leaving fiscal and other wreckage in their wake. He

The Earthers' Unsustainable 'Sustainability' Agenda

Two pieces Friday, right on the heels of another yesterday and on top of what we already know (if largely ignore), combined to emphasize just how at sea the lovely, formerly prosperous, but now economically zombified California is dooming itself

High Gas Prices Catching Up to Obama?

Boy Obama’s deep thinking on energy can get confusing, with yet another ‘green electricity’ plant, in Reno, for some reason serving as today’s backdrop for him to defend high gas prices. And, presumably, his continued wasting of your money on

Green Economics and 'Reducing Spending in the Tax Code'

By all means, let us pursue the president’s new approach to the budget, the Orwellian ‘reduce spending in the tax code’. But, wherever will we find good examples of wasteful ‘spending in the tax code’? Hey, look here! The Feds

The Truth About Obama and Nuclear Power

We have established that Obama’s war on coal assumed a massive, crash program of 100 new nuclear reactors — for optics purposes, keeping the cost of killing coal down, on paper — without which power the lights will necessarily go

Japan Fallout Here: The Folly of Obama's Pushin' O' the Green

Although usual suspects are now saying that the chain of events leading to Japan’s nuclear crisis is simply proof that we need to now rule out the last energy source that works, in terms of providing the necessary, base-load power

Obama's Presser and Gas Prices: Which Time Were the Left Lying?

It may just be wishful thinking but Politico’s ‘Morning Energy’ today was dropping heavy hints they expected President Obama to use this morning’s presser to defend against any culpability of his policies in ‘skyrocketing’ gas prices. Yeah, any such connection

Reality and Obama's Big Green Budget Boondoggle

News reports indicate (even if they often try to bury) that President Obama’s supposed austerity moves include massive increases over already-inflated spending levels for ‘green energy’ boondoggles. These are very economically harmful. To support this move, the Senate Environment and

The (Non) Producers: Obama's Bialystock and Bloom

Last week President Obama began the blitz which, barring Republican collapse (read on) could last for the next two years, pushing his State of the Union call for American taxpayers to hand over even more billions to underwrite a supposed

Government Electric and Tonight's Speech

A joke making the rounds during my brief, late 1990s stint with General Electric’s ideological and political forerunner, Enron, keyed off of that company’s disastrous energy venture in India and its fabled arrogance. It went, in short, who else would

ClimateGate: UVA'Getting its Nixon On'

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who first said ‘Laws are great, in theory, but…’ As his other project, the University of Virginia, gets further backed into a corner on the ‘Hockey Stick’ records it is spending upwards of a

Anti-Energy Left Comes Unglued as 'Green Economy' Claims Collapse

The anti-energy lobby, surrogates for Big Wind and Big Solar, is now backed into a rhetorical corner in its effort to impose its agenda of protecting the world from the horrors of affordable, abundant energy. Remember, although they say their

Invoking Giffords, Kerry Touts Windmills, Reveals Greens' Confusion

I just had forwarded to me an email written by calling for more federal intervention in the energy markets, further supporting politically deigned winners from the pool of losers that must petition for aid in order to exist. Which

2011 Prediction: Media to Hit New 'Warming' Low

I was taken aback by this paragraph in a Politico story by someone a colleague of mine styles as the best reporter in DC on these issues. It reveals the media are not only telling us what to watch for

Witnessing the De-Klein

I know it’s MSNBC and everything, but I still had difficulty believing I actually witnessed this clip on Breitbart TV of a silly little man saying the Constitution is irrelevant and confusing because it’s, like, more than 100 years old.

'Takeaways' from the Global Warming Industry

Enron, joined by BP, invented the global warming industry. I know because I was in the room. This was during my storied three-week or so stint as Director of Federal Government Relations for Enron in the Spring of 1997, back

Al Gore: Media Didn't Do Enough on Global Warming

As the anniversary of his Waterloo — ClimateGate — unfolds this week, Al Gore is back and in classic form. In yesterday’s HuffPo, he fulminates on his hobbyhorse, right from the title: The Media Has Failed in Covering the Climate

White House 'Moratorium' Smear Continues. Nixon and Orwell Smile

Lost in the news of the elections is a blockbuster story soon to be swept under the carpet, Politico reports: “The White House rewrote crucial sections of an Interior Department report to suggest an independent group of scientists and engineers

The Oversight Begins: CEI Suing NASA Over its Own ClimateGate

On Wednesday night the Competitive Enterprise Institute, through its outside counsel Gibson Dunn, filed its brief arguing against NASA’s rather scattershot and contradictory effort to dismiss our lawsuit requesting certain documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Our suit,

On Climate Change, Tea Partiers Get It, New York Times Doesn't

The New York Times has just published another in a series of establishment press missives seeking to marginalize — from the perspective of establishment press-types — tea party activists and politicians who embrace or are embraced by them. This latest