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Watch for 'Crazy Christian' Sucker Punches in 'Stone'

If there’s one thing criminals generally do well, it’s instinctively spot another’s inner demons and then mess with their minds to exploit them. In “Stone” (in theaters now), that street psychologist is the incarcerated arsonist Gerald “Stone” Creeson (Edward Norton)

Bootstrap Christian Film Community Does it Without Hollywood

Conservative Christians get no respect in Hollywood. And because they don’t, they are making an increasing number of films that reflect their values in places where Obama says “bitter” people “cling to guns or religion.” Yes, we’re talking fly-over land,

'Animal Kingdom' Review: Melbourne Confidential

When Australian actor Guy Pearce played an honest detective in LA Confidential, he killed LAPD corruption by shooting his criminal police Captain mastermind. No such clarity or resolution in this film. In what could have been titled Melbourne Confidential, a

Film Review: In 'Get Low' Robert Duvall is Seamless

Tales of the whimmydiddle‘s mysteries aside, one of the most stupefying stories I can recall from my childhood in the North Carolina – Tennessee mountains was about a Volunteer State man who held a 1938 funeral for himself before he

Franken's Felony Vote News Blackout

Maybe I’m deaf and blind, but two weeks after a voting records examination report showed Minnesota Senator Al Franken was probably elected by felons who were illegally voting in that state’s 2008 general election, I’ve yet to come across even

Why Won't the Media Cover the Black Panther Scandal?

Poet Ogden Nash knew the score: …if called by a panther, don’t anther. And that’s exactly what America’s liberal agenda-setting media has done. It has not answered the “New” Black Panther’s call daring it to report on voter intimidation by

How Reality TV Pollutes Our Minds

OK, I walk into the TV room the other night expecting to watch some vintage Eastwood and what do I wind up watching instead? The Real Housewives of New Jersey — aka nouveau riche, high maintenance, goombah psycho bitches —

Superheroes Reflect Their Times

When times get tough, the unsettled among us turn to fictionalized superheroes to vicariously battle the world’s uncertainties. They can even provide an example for turning the lemons in our personal lives into lemonade just as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and

Robbin' Hood

Robin Hood is back on the big screen in his umpteenth adaptation and he’s not only fighting social injustice by robbing the rich and giving to the poor, he’s fighting it by forcing English King John the cruel to sign

Yes, There Is a Hollywood Blacklist

That’s the affirmative answer to “Is there a Hollywood Blacklist?” recently posed here by Gary Graham. It exists as certainly as political correctness and passive aggressiveness in Hollywood exist, and you know that it abounds and destroys the talented who

Hollywood Receives Government Help — Why No Salary Caps?

When Uncle Sam fought WWII, Hollywood backed him with patriotic movies and war bond drives and moral boosting celebrity appearances. When Uncle Sam fought Communists, Hollywood was a mixed bag. His GIs in Korea got support. His GIs in Vietnam,

Michael Moore's Audacious Lies

If the evil men do lives after them, the legacy of dishonesty, demagoguery and hypocrisy that Michael Moore has been enabled to legitimize in film and the body politic will endure for a long time after he quits making documentaries

Treasonous Teddy: Chappaquiddick Only the Beginning

As Gloucester in Henry VI beguiled like the mournful crocodile, so the political praises and tears for the late Democratic Senator from Taxachusets mouthed by his enemies have diminished and signaled the time for candor. Teddy Kennedy was a cheat,

'Whatever Works' Doesn't

Who says time travel isn’t possible? I spent 92 long minutes in Woody Allen’s cinematic wayback machine yesterday, reliving almost all the 60’s pseudo-psychoanalytic cultural neuroses, nihilism and negative leftist judgmental-stereotypes he popularized then that still have us on the

Letter From Valley Forge

A number of my ancestors served in the Continental Army, mostly with New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey units. One of those wrote the letter below which is now kept in the Revolutionary Era Documents section of the New Jersey

The Real 4th of July

“A revolution principle certainly is, and certainly should be taught as a principle of the Constitution of the United States, and of every State in the Union.” — James Wilson, Scottish lawyer, signer of the Declaration of Independence, a major

Tommy and Nancy: Like Father, Like Daughter?

A prominent politician accustomed to the bare knuckle realities of that world once gave me what he said was the best advice anyone ever gave him: When accused, deny everything, admit nothing and make counter accusations. That politician was “Big


Every time I have started to write a follow-up to last week’s piece about the evolving Jon Stewart, Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer CNBC massacre, new information that altered the narrative slid in over the transom. The newest part of that

Stewart, Santelli And Sarcasm

Something didn’t sound quite right when I listened to Jon Stewart’s set-up for his sarcastic blast of CNBC’s Rick Santelli as a hypocrite who thinks federal bailout money for corporate America is just fine while a helping hand from Uncle

A Win For The Obama Worshippers

When John F. Kennedy was elected president, I did not believe it was possible to top the Kennedy cult fantasy craziness summed up by violinist Isaac Stern when he visited the White House: I felt as though I were inside