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Adam Lambert Turns the Other Cheek (Again)

Jewish, gay Adam Lambert seems to be more Christian than some “Christians” at the Baptist Church. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Adam is a singer first and foremost, and initially it was his voice that drew me to

Susan Boyle: Celebrity, Reality and Therapy (UPDATED)

You probably know who Susan Boyle is by now. She’s the 48-year-old frumpy, triple-chinned, thick eye-browed, unsophisticated singer from the show “Britain’s Got Talent” who recently became an overnight sensation. During her audition, all three judges laughed at her when

Obviously, Adam Lambert Isn't Gay Enough

If you haven’t heard of Adam Lambert, you will soon. He is the flamboyant rocker who recently came in second on “American Idol” in a stunning upset by boy-next-door Kris Allen. Adam, the judges’ obvious favorite throughout the show, is