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Heave Ho Boehner Must Go, We Need a Real Leader

Well, here we are again. Congressional GOP leaders caved in to Obama and the Democrats. The so-called “deal” reached between Reid and McConnell was actually a corrupt bargain, with the American people getting screwed yet again. Over and over we

Just Let the House Burn Down Because No Deal Better Than Bad Deal

It looks like the GOP is caving and will raise the debt ceiling once again. Back about ten years ago, the debt was seven trillion dollars when then-Senator Barack Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling because it was un-American

Notre Dame Hands Over Luck of the Irish to Illegal Aliens

Being from Indiana, I know Notre Dame University is exceptional. With a rich history of excellence and a beautiful campus, it’s certainly one of the most coveted places to go to college in the country. Unfortunately, the golden dome is

Cannes, Hollywood Far from Liberal Regarding Powerful Women

Cannes, Hollywood Far from Liberal Regarding Powerful Women

Jane Campion is the only woman to win the Cannes Film Festival’s coveted Palme d’or (Best Film prize) for her 1993 drama, The Piano, as well as the festival’s top short film prize for Peel in 1996.  At the opening