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The Failure of the Century's Central Planning Experiments

If there is one obvious condition associated with the last century, it is the lack of government humility. Among the century’s leadership there was the self-confident belief that “good ideas” would trump tradition, customs, history, even instinct. There were scarcely

Averted Assassination Plot Raises Concerns About Obama's Iran Policy

U.S. authorities foiled an elaborate assassination plot aimed at the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir. While there is much speculation about why he was targeted, there is little hard evidence for a motive. Adel Al-Jubeir One of

Obama's UN Speech: A Failure

President Obama’s speech to the United Nations on September 21st struck at many targets in his tour d’ horizon but it was neither inspiring nor bold. He did indicate that the Iranian government has been unable to “demonstrate that its

How Will Things End in the Middle East?

There are four coterminous revolutions going on in the Middle East. Secular, well meaning revolutionaries are convinced they can foment a contemporary version of the American Revolution with institutions that guarantee liberty. There are street revolutionaries eager to take advantage

Obama's 'Special Relationship' With….France?

Although the act was symbolic, President Obama’s decision to remove Winston Churchill’s bust from the White House revealed a great deal about his personal sentiment. Based on the background of his Kenyan father and antipathy to British colonialism, this act

Obama's Foreign Policy In 2011: Not 'Hope' But Hopeless

The new Start Treaty embodies, in my judgment, the emerging mood in American security policy circa 2011. As the preamble to the treaty indicates the Russians will have a veto over the deployment of anti-missile systems. Despite President Obama’s assurance

North Korea: Iran is Watching to See How We Respond

As Secretary of Defense Gates noted any question about North Korea has only one response: “I don’t know.” There is indeed so little we know about this barbarian kingdom with nuclear weapons. Hence almost anything one does say is speculative.

National Security Priorities After November

Should Republicans gain control of the House in November there will be several decisions they will be obliged to address. First and foremost is the Iranian nuclear weapons question. Iran probably has enough fissionable material to build a bomb, but

Obama Administration: Redistribution of Wealth Power

Editor’s note: We are asking a group of leading thinkers, “What does the current strategic balance look like?” Here is a response from Dr. Herb London, President of the Hudson Institute , a world-renown think tank. As I see it,