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Obama: More than Twice the Debt in Half the Time as Bush

A recent “infographic” released by the White House tries to assign the blame for our massive debt and deficits to former President Bush and Republican Congresses. However, the graphic conveniently omits President Obama’s record and his plans for the fiscal

Washington Post Highlights the 'Invisible Unemployed'

Washington Post, “Hidden workforce challenges domestic economic recovery,” March 15, 2011: “Adding These Workers to February’s Jobless Rate Pushes It Up to 10.5 Percent” “Overshadowing the nation’s economic recovery is not only the number of Americans who have lost their

What Does the Administration Think about the SHRINKING Labor Force?

THEN (April 4, 2010): Administration officials say growing labor force is “a great sign” Behind the high unemployment rate, “there’s just been a tremendous increase in the labor force,” Christina Romer, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, said

It's Official: Democrat Stimulus Bill Was a Failure

For the last two years, Washington has ignored the plight of the American people and job creators. Instead, a Democratic-led Congress saddled them with policies that fostered uncertainty and eliminated jobs. Democrats’ continued pursuit of misguided economic policies and reckless