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Hollywood Feminism: Sandra Bullock & Other Classy Role Models

Paris Hilton is celebrated for a sex tape. Kim Kardashian is thrown in our face for the same, almost daily. And recently it was reported that “Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter Montana is making a serious push to break into Hollywood

A Love Letter to Broadway

The magic of Broadway and off-Broadway theatre is intoxicating to me. From the actual theatre houses to the performers to the behind the scenes mechanics of putting up and running a show, the whole experience affects me to my very

Letterman Loses His Mojo

In the 80’s my quest was to see the Letterman show live. I LOVED his sense of humor. Memorable segments were “the guy under the stairs,” Larry “Bud” Melman, “Fun with Rupert,” and Biff Henderson’s “Map Across America.” I also

Casting 'Atlas Shrugged': Professionalism Before Politics

I was head of the film and broadcast department for a talent agency in the Detroit Metro area. As a casting agent my job was to get the character breakdowns, hold auditions and cast roles for film, TV and radio.