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How to Eliminate 'Inflammatory Right-Wing Rhetoric'

I don’t have much to say about the recent Arizona shootings by madman Jared Loughner, except this: Many commentators almost as mad as Loughner have attempted to connect this lunatic’s actions to “inflammatory right-wing rhetoric.” I won’t go into here

Which Way Now, America?

There’s much good news from the elections, but first let me wet blanket some of the fires of enthusiasm. Republican majority or Democrat, it remains the case that so long as the Dept of Health and Human Services, the EPA,

Follow Napoleon's Advice on the Chamber Pot 'Scandal'

“Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” I’m actually pleased that Obama has gone after the Chamber of Commerce for allegedly funding Republican ads with foreign donations. Set aside that there’s no evidence whatever for it, as even

McDonald's ObamaCare Deal Violates Rule of Law

“…to the end it may be a government of laws and not of men.” John Adams, Samuel Adams and James Bowdoin, Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1780 In a blatantly unconstitutional move, the Feds have let McDonalds off the

Why I Don't Write About 9/11

Every year September 11th rolls around and I feel I should write something about 9/11. Every year, I don’t. I can’t really say why. Even having lived in California at the time, I nonetheless felt and feel deeply and very

Re: 'Net Neutrality' — Let the Free Market Reign

Progressives are up in arms after Google appears to have caved on Net Neutrality by partnering with Verizon to abandon their core aims. Writing at Huffington Post, Josh Silver of the ironically named Free Press laments: For years, Internet advocates

The Rotten Foundation of the Ground Zero Mosque

The organizers of the Ground Zero Mosque project have already won a big victory, in a way, and not just in New York’s city government rolling over and playing poodle. By getting millions of Americans to divide into warring camps

What It Takes to Wage War

Ben Stein recently made a useful point about the difference between Americans — and especially the media — during WWII and now. A few weeks ago, I bought a book of front pages of newspapers from World War II. I