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Hollywood's New Production Code: Tracy Morgan Enters Re-education Camp

That chill wind Hollywood liberal Tim Robbins warned about is indeed blowing and every stand-up comic and performance artist should be worried. However, it isn’t coming from some frustrated, prudish Christian right winger. It’s coming from the open-minded, diversity embracing,

The Radicalization of AOL

I have been a subscriber to AOL since I first bought a laptop computer way back in the dark ages of 1991. That’s right my friends I am the last person in the country who is still paying for AOL!

Grading the Super and Not-So-Super 'Super Bowl XLV' Ads

[Ed. Note: For a refresher course, you can watch every Super Bowl ad right here.] Before I get started on my review of this year’s Super Bowl commercials I want to come to the aid of a lady in distress.

'Huckleberry Finn': A Word about 'The N-Word'

Thank God civility is returning to literature! Thanks to some faceless editor at New South Books and alleged Twain scholar Dr. Alan Gribben, a new sanitized versions of “Huckleberry Finn” will be published. The word so offensive that it can’t

'Top Gear USA' Review: For Car Lovers Only

There is a long history of cultural exchange between British and American television. Sometimes the American results are better than the British versions, like Sanford and Son. Some are wildly successful without making major changes, like American Idol. Some are

WWSKD: What Would Sam Kinison Do?

[Ed. Note: Video is NSFW] Following my recent article on the dust up over the use of the word “gay” in a joke in the movie “The Dilemma” I engaged in an email discussion with our fearless leader, Big Hollywood

Jon Stewart Still Trying to Claim His Anti-Beck Rally Isn't

Love or hate his politics Jon Stewart is a funny guy. Unlike his comedy compadre Colbert, who has grown tiring with his one joke caricature of conservatives, Stewart does occasionally give a blast to the left as well as the

Lady Gaga Judges No One … Except the U.S. Military

Is there no end to the many talents of Lady Gaga, already recognized as the greatest Madonna impersonator of this century? Of course we all know her as a singer, musician, fashionista and female impersonator, but recently she has revealed

RIP Gloria Winters: Pining For Sky King's Penny

Every generation of teen aged and prepubescent boys have their iconic women. For some it was Bo Derek, Farrah Fawcett, or Cheryl Tiegs. Young preteen boys today may swoon for Miranda Cosgrove on “iCarly” or the vocal stylings and videos

Bring On 'The Expendables': Sly, Why No Chuck Norris?

Like any other red-blooded, rock ribbed, slightly overweight and out of shape movie loving American man, I am waiting to see “The Expendables.” I am waiting for the body count of the summer to begin with all of my favorite

Ashley Judd Doesn't Speak For All Us Hillbillies

Armed with her Master’s Degree from Harvard, which she earned in less than a year, Ashley Judd is back in public and showing off her smarts. She was recently in Kentucky to protest against a type of coal mining. Everybody,

Ground Zero Mosque: Let 'Em Build It….

I may be a little off from other conservative voices on the question of an alleged radical Muslim cleric building a mosque near Ground Zero but I say; let ’em! I don’t know the exact number of feet away from

Rethinking Afghanistan: Is the Left… Right?

As we approach the nine year anniversary of our involvement in Afghanistan it may be time to reassess our commitment to nation building there. Immediately after 9/11 I believe almost all Americans were in agreement that we needed to be

Everybody's a Critic … Some Will Behead You

Art is a tricky subject. Everyone’s a critic and some react a little more strongly than others. Just ask Molly Norris. Art critics in the Muslim world have put her on a hit list for some of her work. Ms.

BOOK REVIEW: Sarah Silverman's 'The Bedwetter'

As a conservative I can’t afford to limit myself to entertainment choices that I agree with politically. I read Ms. Silverman’s book hoping to get some insight into why so many people seem to think she is the modern Lenny

Hollywood, Nashville, The Gulf & Stereotypes

I was reading Pam Meister’s excellent piece here on Big Hollywood about Hollywood’s lack of attention to the continuing ecological disaster in the Gulf. In it she echoed my sentiments from a month ago when I wrote about the lack

Elayne Boosler 'Unfriended' Me on Facebook for Being Conservative

Have any of you been dumped on Facebook for being racist, homophobic, gun toting morons lately? Have some of your tolerant, diversity-seeking “progressive” friends tossed you under the bus for having the temerity to express a conservative opinion based on

Shakira Boycotts Arizona: We Need More Liberal-Free Zones

Pop singer Shakira is boycotting the State of Arizona. I know, horrible news if you’re an Arizona rancher near the border or a construction worker standing in an unemployment line. Since your state has actually tried to do something about

History Channel's 'America: The Story of Us' Is a Hit!

Last night the premiere episode of the History Channel’s 12 hour, six part series called “America: The Story of Us,” was broadcast. If the rest of the series is anywhere as balanced and well produced as this chapter called “The

What Country Music Looks Like in 2010

I did two things Sunday night I usually don’t do: I tuned into CBS and watched an awards program. They were actually the same thing, as I watched the CMA Awards on CBS. While I was told repeatedly the CMAs

REVIEW: Entertaining 'Modern Family' Damaged By Reality Craze

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’ve become that jaded old comic who has seen everything, heard every joke and loves to complain. Maybe I am the modern Jack Carter. Here’s the deal. A friend of mine recommended ABC’s sit-com “Modern Family”

Bart Stupak, A Pocket Full of Mumbles

The horse trading went long into the night. In the end the House Democrats bought, cajoled, wrangled and bullied enough votes to pass the health care debacle. The battle is far from over and will range into next November and

Lindsay Lohan: Reality is Calling, Please Pick Up

You can say a lot of things about the modern Hollywood “Celebrity Class,” but no one has ever accused them of being short on a sense of self worth or ego. Case in point the recent publicity shenanigans by one

Kevin Smith: When the Behavior Police Attack

A few weeks ago writer/director Kevin Smith was thrown off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat to fit into a single seat easily. He was on his way home from Northern California and had paid for two

Look For More Hollywood PC at This Year's Oscars

As we move towards tonight’s granddaddy of all awards shows, I am starting to wonder several things: First, after seeing an editorial in the New York Times and a very drab and unhappy looking professor of women’s studies on Fox

WE Are The World, You Will Be Forgotten…

Back in 1985 a group of really wealthy show-business types got together to make a video and record a song for charity. The song, we all remember, was “We Are the World” and it has sold over 20 million copies,

LA Times' Patrick Goldstein Just Can't Get His Facts Straight

My most recent piece on child rapist Roman Polanski and the Hollywood toadies who adore him has been taken to task in a recent blog by L.A. Times writer Patrick Goldstein. Count Mr. Goldstein as one of the Polanski toadies.

No Nukes! Unless Obama Wants Nukes…

[Ed. Note: Since this article was written but before it was published, actor Alec Baldwin has come out against nuclear power at the Huffpo, though the name “Obama” is noticably never used.] I don’t want to start a new conspiracy

Super and Not So Super Ads: Green Police?

Super Bowl ads have become a competition themselves and are often better than the game. At a reported cost of over $3 million for a thirty-second spot it would be hard for me to imagine that any of the ads