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Thousands Sign Petition to Rein in 'Rogue' EPA, Many More Needed

Thousands Sign Petition to Rein in 'Rogue' EPA, Many More Needed

The Environmental Protection Agency, created in 1970 with the noble and simplemission of protecting the nation’s air and water, should be hailed as one of the federalgovernment’s greatest success stories.  Alas, the EPA has morphed into a job-killing enemy of

Steve Jobs, Capitalist, R.I.P.

Steve Jobs personified capitalism and free markets in as pure and beautiful a way as the world has seen in the modern generation of industrial giants. His pursuit of excellence — his passion to make Apple the best and most

Countering Al Gore's 24 Hours of Climate Panic

Al Gore is using his considerable media muscle to express his frustration that people and governments the world over – but especially here in the United States – have increasingly rejected the notion humans are destroying the planet. He’s broadcasting

In Case You Missed It: Republican Debate in Iowa

If you missed the debate among the Republican candidates for president in Ames, Iowa two days before today’s straw poll in the Hawkeye state, here you go. I had trouble finding the whole thing on Fox News’ home page. So,

Al Gore Calls Opponents 'Pseudoscientists'; OK, Prove It, Big Guy

Al Gore’s timing is perfect. We here at The Heartland Institute are just now finishing off the last preparations for our Sixth International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, DC, June 30 and July 1. (It’s still not too late

Obama Votes 'Present' on Arizona Boycott, but Not on Tea Parties

That was some press conference by Obama Thursday. The president once again showed that the thrill is gone when he’s off the prompter — which is why this was Obama’s first press conference since July 2009 when he shoved his

Troubling Precedent: NJ Court Says Bloggers Are Not Journalists

The Garden State has a shield law for journalists, meaning the government cannot force reporters or opinion writers to reveal their sources. There is nothing more vigorously defended among journalists than the right to keep secret one’s anonymous sources in

Court to FCC: There are Limits to Your Power

A federal appeals court — second only to the U.S. Supreme Court in its legal influence — looks to have put a stop to the desire of the Federal Communications Commission to exert its control over the Internet via the

The Fascist Green Police Super Bowl Ad Is Stuck In My Head

And that’s the point, I guess. Watch this ad for a “clean diesel” car by Audi, and good luck getting this slightly modified version of the Cheap Trick classic “Dream Police” out of your head. I couldn’t get it out