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Remake Hollywood Not 'Videodrome'

I give up. I knew there’d be a tipping point eventually, but I didn’t expect it to involve little red and white plastic pegs and my 4-year-old Godson saying, “B6…Hit!” I surrendered to the idea that there is very little

One Man's Colonic is Another Man's Torture

You’re going to have to excuse hard-left Hollywood types if they don’t get on board for the whole waterboarding thing. The concepts of forceful interrogations and the need to get dangerous people to reveal their life-threatening plans is as far

Tinseltown Twitters Tea Parties

During this past week’s “Tea Party” protests across the country, this reporter monitored the Twitter and Facebook chatter amongst his Hollywood actor and writer friends. It was an absolute, eye-opening education on the effectiveness of hard-left indoctrination. Note: Out of

Somali Pirates Too PC for Hollywood and Obama

In a dangerous and dramatic throwback to eras long thought dead, pirates are once again actively threatening lives and property of honest seafaring men along the African coast. The situation presents a perfect opportunity for: A. Hollywood to produce an

Bond Forever, Bourne Forgotten

In a new listing of film and TV’s coolest heroes, James Bond emerged in the top spot — while rival spy Jason Bourne was MIA — finishing behind the likes of young Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In

Obama Needs a Better Agent, New Gig

Barack Obama has only been portraying the president for about 60 days or so, but his representation really needs to reconsider his branding. I don’t know if he’s with ICM, CAA or whatever William Morris and Endeavor are going to

Will Hollywood Allow Us Heroes Again?

The new Stephen Sommers-directed G.I. Joe movie headed to theaters this summer kicked the U.S.A. out of the bunker and put “The Real American Hero” under international command. The thinking at the time by Hollywood execs held that the U.S.

Is Hollywood's Hard Left Lost in Victory?

Politically speaking, it’s quiet in Hollywood. Too quiet. It’s not a foreboding kind of stillness like the sunrise on a battlefield before the ranks are formed. It’s not an anticipatory breed of shush as “jocund day stands tiptoe” before a

Rebels with a Cause: Are Conservatives Cool Again?

I took a tour of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on a recent Saturday afternoon, visiting the graves of several entertainment legends. One of the more recent additions to the grounds is the cenotaph for original punk rocker, Johnny Ramone. Ramone’s