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Now the European Union Manipulates Britain’s University Students

The luvvies have been out in force again, falling over themselves in order to promote the supposed “benefits” of Britain remaining in the EU. Now the EU is attempting to influence not only our children – with EU-funded books in our schools –


EU Supercomputer to Spy On All Public Transport – At Your Expense

A new EU initiative will see data from all journeys made by public transport tracked and stored in an EU supercomputer by 2020. This will not only require the installation of expensive tracking equipment, it would also require a vast network of computers and operators to be

CCTV camera is positioned in front of a giant poster of a cat on April 30, 2014 in London, England. Privacy campaigners have stated that Town halls in the UK have been using fixed and mobile CCTV cameras to impose parking and traffic fines on members of the public with …