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Washington Post Still Shilling for Fair Test

It’s no secret that the Washington Post is known for its liberal bias. If you didn’t already know that, you might also be interested in learning that the earth is indeed round. But I came across a recent Post article

The Fishy Finances of the MSM Favorite, FairTest

The Boston-based organization FairTest, which is dedicated to destroying standardized testing, has more than a few questionable things in its background, as I’ve noted in the past. As purveyors of junk science regarding education, they have deliberately distorted the degree

Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Media As Propagandists

On the heels of an L.A. Times story that 31% of Americans are “still not angry yet at the nation’s media,” one wonders how much lower that percentage would drop if the public knew exactly how much they are not

ABC In Junk-Science Proxy Dogfight With NBC

It’s not unusual for me to have the TV turned on when I’m working around the house and when the news comes on, it’s like liberal bias dressed up as white noise. But there was one story last Friday that