Kevin Kane

Questions Raised By Flawed Stimulus Job Figures

Pelican Institute reporter Steve Beatty has a new story demonstrating that hundreds of jobs allegedly “saved or created” in Louisiana may be incorrect or exaggerated: The issue of phantom Congressional districts listed in the national stimulus database recently created a

Federal Grand Jury Seeks Information from ACORN

Story filed by the Pelican Institute’s Steve Beatty: Amid the paperwork associated with a search warrant served on ACORN’s New Orleans headquarters Friday is a one-sentence acknowledgement by the embattled activist group’s attorneys that it is has been subpoenaed by

Inadequate Record-Keeping Cost Acorn Housing $130K

From Steve Beatty, Pelican Institute’s investigative reporter: More than two years before an ersatz pimp and prostitute raised troubling questions about Acorn Housing Corp.’s financial advice, Louisiana officials criticized the organization’s bookkeeping as it denied the group tens of thousands

Lousiana Attorney General Serves ACORN With 2nd Subpoena: Full Text

From Steve Beatty, investigative reporter for the Pelican Institute: The brother of ACORN’s founder embezzled $5 million from the organization, nearly five times more than the figure previously acknowledged by the New Orleans activist group’s officials, according to a subpoena

Questions About ACORN's NOLA Contracts

From the Pelican Institute’s investigative reporter, Steve Beatty: Despite landing $625,000 worth of work with the city of New Orleans to develop or repair housing for poor people, an offshoot of the activist group ACORN appears to have done nothing

ACORN's Tax Problems

The Pelican Institute for Public Policy began investigating ACORN in July of this year. Our investigative reporter, Steve Beatty, quickly discovered that ACORN and its related groups owe more than $1 million in state and federal taxes. According to Orleans