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Obama's Win Is Israel's Loss

Obama's Win Is Israel's Loss

The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama was a narrow but sharply disappointing victory for increasing economic statism and ideological social leftism at home. It was also a worrying and consequential decision for America’s allies around the world. Mr. Obama, self-proclaimed

Stoning Superman: Oliver Stone's War With the USA

At the impressive Jewish Museum in Berlin, which carefully documents hundreds of years of German Jewish life and achievement, as well as the catastrophe of Hitler’s rise and ruination of European Jewry, there is a temporary exhibit featuring Jewish cartoonists

Israel's Increasingly Dangerous Neighborhood

I was invited to speak on 21st century missile threats and defenses at the recent 7th annual Jerusalem Conference, 2010, held at the Regency Hotel on Mt. Scopus, in the city of David, but I was pleased as well to