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Hollywood Ignores Terror to Ask Why They Hate Us

Will we ever see a worthwhile film about the fight against Islamic terror? Forget stories about emotionally tortured soldiers who return home to abandon their combat fatigues for civilian armor and take to the streets to protest American war crimes

Spock in the White House

A week into Barack Obama’s presidency comparisons abound concerning his personal and political gifts. Is he a rock star, or too cerebral for the sort of crowd-diving, one-with-the-audience intimacy that riles fans to amplified hysteria? Or is he a musician,

What Will Hollywood Do If Obama Fails?

What will Hollywood do if President Obama fails? Forget simply preserving the status quo or making marginal improvements for this agency or that constituency, but fails to even remotely square the difference between the promise of his administration and its

The Next Great Political Movie

Here’s a working title for a script about the proper role of the federal government and the inspiring president who fights for personal liberty: Less. The script would be all blank pages, evoking a return to political restraint and maximum