Nicole Ferrand

The FARC's Senator

On September 27, 2010, Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba was removed from her senate seat. The country’s Inspector General provided evidence that supported the long held claim by high ranking Colombian officials that Ms. Cordoba had close ties to the narco-terrorist

A Political Tremor Brewing in Peru

A few weeks ago, we at The Americas Report wrote an article about the current situation in Peru, as a country finally laying the foundations for economic prosperity, this after years of struggle and internal conflicts against two major terrorist

The Next President of Peru? A Conversation with Keiko Fujimori Higuchi

While in Peru this week, I interviewed Keiko Sofia Fujimori Higuchi. Congresswoman Fujimori will most likely be a presidential candidate representing the political party Fuerza 2011 (Strength 2011), in the April 2011 presidential elections. Nicole Ferrand with Keiko Fujimori at

Chavez Provides Fertile Soil for Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda

Hezbollah has had a presence in Latin America since the late 1980’s, particularly in the Tri-Border Region, where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet. But since Hugo Chavez’s ascension to power in Venezuela in 1999, Hezbollah and Hamas’ activities have increased