VIDEOS: Trump Pulls Enormous Crowd for New Jersey Rally; Official Estimate Updated to More than 100,000

People cheer at a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate former President Do
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

An enormous crowd descended upon Wildwood, New Jersey, on Saturday for former President Donald Trump’s rally in the traditionally Democrat state, and the official estimate of spectators in attendance was updated after the event to more than 100,000 attendees.

A senior Trump campaign aide told Breitbart News shortly before the rally that estimates were that 80,000 were in attendance–but clearly that underestimated the numbers.

Lisa Fagan, the spokesperson for the city of Wildwood, told the Associated Press the official estimate was between 80,000 and 100,000 rally-goers in attendance to see Trump:

A Trump campaign source told Breitbart News that after the event began, Fagan updated her official estimate to begin telling people there were more than 100,000 people there to see Trump.

Hours before Trump was scheduled to deliver remarks, the energy was palpable in Wildwood, where the outdoor venue can reportedly accommodate as many as 40,000 people, per

One America News National Political Correspondent Daniel Baldwin shared a video of the packed venue, reporting one source estimated some 80,000 people descended on the Jersey Shore for the rally. The New York Post’s Diana Glebova also reported the figure, citing the Trump campaign.

“Thousands upon thousands are here in Wildwood. It reminds me of Pickens, South Carolina when President Trump brought 50,000 for Fourth of July,” Baldwin noted around noon. “History is repeating itself in NJ.”

Students for Trump Chair Ryan Fournier emphasized in a tweet, “I’ve never seen a crowd like this in my life.”

“Trump’s Wildwood NJ rally is about to be a BLOWOUT. 40,000+ expected,” he added.

Thousands were in line to get in the venue Saturday morning, and reported that some began lining up as early as Wednesday.

Trump first told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle back in December he planned to make a “heavy play” for New Jersey and other traditionally blue states.

“One of the other things I’m going to do — and I may be foolish in doing it — is I’m going to make a heavy play for New York, heavy play for New Jersey, heavy play for Virginia, heavy play for New Mexico, and a heavy play for a state that hasn’t been won in years, Minnesota,” Trump said.

This article has been updated with more information as the official estimates became available. 


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