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Indiana Unveils the Pence Index for Education Standards

Indiana Unveils the Pence Index for Education Standards

A mere parent or citizen–even a college professor who sees the effects of college unready freshmen every year–might lament that the new Indiana college- and career-ready draft standards are simply copied-and-pasted Common Core being sold by the political and educational

Wanted In America: A Man Who Is What He Seems

One of the touchstone traits of manliness is that the true man is what he seems. There is no deceit about him: no hidden agendas, no artificial props, no “image” or “cover” designed to suit the public’s imagined wants and

The Age of Chivalry Gives Way to the Age of the Pat-Down

Little did I dream that I should have lived to see such disasters fallen upon her, in a nation of gallant men, in a nation of men of honor, and of cavaliers. I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped

What the Republican Pledge Needs: A Few More First Principles

The Republican Party’s 2010 Agenda, “A Pledge to America,” is in many ways an impressive document. It contains both principles and policies that answer the call for a more accountable government in Washington. It is particularly strong on the health-care

Adult Swim: A Republic Is for Grown-ups

“The middle class is still treading water, while those aspiring to reach the middle class are doing everything they can to keep from drowning.” –President Barack Obama, 8 September 2010 Bad metaphors bring bad policies. During the Great Depression Americans

Dressing Up Standards, Dumbing Down Schools

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, Homer teaches us, something every school child used to know. Beware of politicians and expert educators bearing standards, the last seventy years or more of Progressive education should have taught us. But we are slow