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Today's Students 'Don't Know Much About History'

More than 50 years after Sam Cooke first sang about his educational deficiencies, many American teens “don’t know much about history.” Or so their latest test scores suggest. Only 12 percent of all 12th graders are “proficient” or “advanced” in

Transparency Report Reveals Sunshine State is Living Up to its Name

Virtually all public officials say they believe in government transparency, but well-meaning words don’t always translate into effective government action. So, several years ago, the national Sunshine Review (SR) began regularly assessing some 5,000 state and local government websites, using

Will Public Schools Co-opt Digital Education?

When I went to a meeting last fall about the new virtual school in our county, I publicly praised the local school superintendent for embracing digital education. I should have held my tongue. Or so at least says a new

Florida Cities Need to Fix Pension 'Leaky Roofs'

A homeowner with a leaky roof may be better off than one whose kitchen is on fire. But he still has a serious problem. That’s something public policymakers – and everyday citizens – may want to remember as they try