Obama: Romney and 61% of North Carolina Voters 'Backward' on Gay Marriage

Obama: Romney and 61% of North Carolina Voters 'Backward' on Gay Marriage

After President Obama announced he’d changed his views on gay marriage, Gov. Mitt Romney reiterated that his own views on marriage hadn’t changed–that he still believed marriage “is a relationship between a man and a woman.” And while this was a wise move by Romney, as it gave evangelicals throughout the country further reason to trust that he will indeed uphold socially conservative principles as president, the Obama campaign took issue with Romney’s pronouncement and declared Romney’s views to be “backward.”

Ironically, a day prior to these accusations, a clear majority of North Carolina voters took the same “backward” position that Romney would take on Wednesday. By a measure of 61% to 39%, North Carolinians passed that state’s Amendment One: a constitutional amendment which declares that “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

Moreover, North Carolina is the 31st state to pass such a protection on marriage between a man and a woman.  Which means, as of right now, there are far more “backward” voters in this country than there are progressives. But Obama knows this, and that’s why as soon as he announced his new position on gay marriage, he immediately began attacking Mitt Romney as a way to keep this nation’s predominately “backward” voters from thinking about what just happened.

By the way, many black pastors, like Dwight McKissic at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX, also hold to the “backward” view as well.