Class Warfare Unites Democrats in 2012

Class Warfare Unites Democrats in 2012

There is only one issue that unites Democrats this election: class warfare. After the “shellacking” of the 2010 elections, Democrats nationwide have decided to follow the lead of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer this time around and run against the rich.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown says of his fellow Democrats “We’re on the same page now.” As if proving the point, Schumer uses almost the same metaphor “We’re singing from the same hymnal now.”

While the thematic leadership is being initiated by Schumer and Democrats in Congress, there remains a disagreement about who precisely to target. The White House reportedly wants to raise taxes on anyone making over $250k. Congressional Democrats are said to favor a true millionaires’ tax. On this issue at least, Obama is staking out a position on the left flank of his fellow Democrats.

As has been pointed out repeatedly, both here and elsewhere, neither tax would raise more than a tiny fraction of our annual deficits. That doesn’t seem to matter to voters, 70 percent of whom reportedly favor making “the rich” pay more.

Recent events in Europe have demonstrated that class warfare is a winning issue with voters tired of being told they must accept austerity measures to balance out-of-control budgets. With taxing the rich as their only political point of unity this year, it’s a good bet Democrats will try follow the lead of France’s new socialist President and demagogue this issue to their maximum advantage.