Warren Attacks Romney at Obama Fundraiser

Warren Attacks Romney at Obama Fundraiser

Speaking at a Boston fundraiser for President Barack Obama on Monday night, Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, the self proclaimed “intellectual godmother” of left wing “Occupy Wall Street,” launched a shrill attack on Mitt Romney.

As Politico reports, Ms. Warren took a page from President Obama’s well worn play book of divisive political rhetoric:

“No, Mitt, corporations are not people,” she exclaimed. “People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick,… they live and they die. Learn the difference…

 “[T]his election will be about whose side you stand on,” she said. “Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen up close whose side president Obama stands on.”

Warren recounted his steadfastness in backing the creation of a federal consumer agency for financial products, which she helped set up.

“We know where president Obama stands, he stands for working people,” she said. “It’s just as clear where Mitt Romney stands.”

Despite her left wing populist rhetoric, Ms. Warren has shown little concern for the working people who own and operate America’s small businesses. They find it increasingly difficult to do business under the policies she supports. Small community bankers who will be destroyed by the Dodd-Frank Act she championed recently decided to fight back. 

One flesh and blood person with a heart and kids who doesn’t like bullies from Washington, D.C. is Jim Purcell, CEO of State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas, a family owned community bank that filed a federal lawsuit last week in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia challenging the constitutionality of the Dodd-Frank Act. Big Spring is a West Texas town with a population of 25,000.

“Dodd-Frank won’t let a community bank be a community bank,” he said last week in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

In a press release issued last week by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which, along with the senior activist group the 60 Plus Association, joined State National Bank of Big Spring as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, Purcell elaborated further:

“No other federal agency or commission operates in such a way that one person can essentially determine who gets a home loan, who can get a credit card and who can get a loan for college…Dodd-Frank effectively gives unlimited regulatory power to this so-called Consumer Financial Protection Board, also known as CFPB, with a director who is not accountable to Congress, the President or the Courts. That is simply unconstitutional.”

The voters of Massachusetts will have a clear choice in this November’s election. They can vote for the statist bureaucratic elitism of  Elizabeth Warren, or they can choose the more traditional American free market views of Scott Brown.

Michael Patrick Leahy is a Breitbart News contributor, Editor of Broadside Books’ Voices of the Tea Party e-book series, and author of Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement.