Progressives Showcase 12-Year-Old in Bag Ban Campaign

Progressives Showcase 12-Year-Old in Bag Ban Campaign

Cue the surprised face: overzealous activists are at it again.

Their latest shenanigans? Propping up a 12-year-old girl in an effort to garner sympathy for a plastic bag ban movement that would hamstring business owners, skyrocket costs, and cripple an industry.

Abby Goldberg, a 12-year-old from the midwestern village of Grayslakes, Illinois, has become a bit of an online icon for progressive activists desperately seeking anything to remove focus from the consequences that are resulting from their nationwide bag ban pursuits.

Goldberg has centered her activism on petitioning Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to veto legislation that would end the ability of local governments to ban those in the private sector from using plastic bags in their respective stores. Largely due to her youth, she has capitulated into the media spotlight and her petition has amassed north of 150,000 signatures.

The language of the petition is especially harsh, accusing the oil and chemical industries of “using the politicians they bought” to secure passage of the bill, and subsequently stating that, somehow, banning private sector entrepreneurs from using materials of their choosing is “giving hope to people around the world that they can stand up for their own rights.”

However, with the increased attention has come the truth of the matter. A recent interview with Goldberg shed light on the fact that she, in fact, was hardly involved in the process. On the initial circulation of the petition:

“Well a friend at my school got me in contact with another activist named Ben Zolno. He was the creator of Plastic Bag State of Mind. His idea was to start this petition, and I was in Israel for two weeks so the whole thing got started while I was on vacation.”

So, she was on vacation when the idea of the petition was initially floated by a progressive flack known for outrageous remarks. Zolno has made remarks such as “people want convenience, and are all too willing to let a moment of temporary laziness damn their children and planet for eternity”. The video included with this aforementioned statement features literal ‘plastic bag monsters’ maiming a pseudo-reporter. Stuff such as this can’t be made up.

Now, Zolno is at it again, this time using a child as a human prop for the machinations of activists. Moments following Goldberg’s revelation of the petition’s origin, she spoke to the observers who noted the harsh language within the petition:

“Well, not all of them were exactly my words. I mean, I wrote them, but Ben edited them and he changed it and I agreed to it, too.”

These continued antics provide nothing but further danger to the 30,000 American jobs that the plastic bag industry employs. Further, the bags are 100 percent recyclable, so activist efforts make even less sense when confronted with these glaring facts.

The case of this 12-year-old propped up as a pawn in the plastic bag ban game by progressives like Zolno is yet another sign of the heights of desperation reaching new lows.