FLIP FLOP: Tenn. Rep. Joe Armstrong Now Opposes ALEC

FLIP FLOP: Tenn. Rep. Joe Armstrong Now Opposes ALEC

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has come under considerable fire from left-leaning politicians who were formerly part of ALEC, but are now seeking to rally their bases for primary and general elections. Democrat complaints against ALEC have consisted of accusatory statements claiming the council is suddenly “secretive” and run by “corporate-controlled lobbies.”

One Democrat making such complaints is Tenn. Rep. Joe Armstrong, who is also breaking with ALEC because the council is seeking state solutions for healthcare that Amstrong believes run counter to the dictates of Obamacare. Armstrong is also bothered by the fact that ALEC supports voter ID laws in Tennessee. Armstrong equates Voter ID laws with “voter suppression” because of the “pressure” they put on the elderly and minorities.

On account of these things, Armstrong is trying to convince his constituents that he quit paying dues to ALEC in 2010, although he didn’t “sign an official resignation request” from the council until earlier this year.

In other words, he quietly enjoyed the benefits of being part of ALEC until primary season rolled around.

It appears to be election year behavior at its worst, and it also includes joining other Democrats to lash out at Tennessee’s Castle Doctrine, or “stand your ground” law. The problem is that Armstrong not only supported Tennessee’s Castle Doctrine legislation when it came up for a vote, but also co-sponsored it in 2007.

But self-defense is one of those things Armstrong only supports during non-election years.